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Receive high-definition professional videography, editing, writing and broadcasting services for your business, product or organization from Jay Croz MediaWhether your project is on a large or shoe string budget, Jay Croz Media will provide the resources and creativity you need to showcase your venture with a lasting vision that will maximize your success.


 City Of Brockton Television Ad Campaign:

"When Brockton Is Home, Everything is Within Reach."



    "YES on #1" Online Ad Campaign: "Pignado."




"Circle of Five" Online Featurette With Kristen Merlin


"One of the best videographers and editors I've ever worked with.  Jay brings an unparalleled passion and drive to his work."

John Atwater, WCVB-TV Reporter.


"Gifted Videographer"

"Jay is one of the most gifted videographers I have ever worked with in my nearly 40 years as a broadcast journalist."

Amalia Barreda, Award Winning Reporter


"Great Creativity"

"Jay is a videojournalist with great creativity, unmatched work ethic and the instincts to find the details that make the story and message shine."

Janet Wu, WCVB-TV Political Reporter